Break Your Office Boundaries And Work From Anywhere With The 3CX Phone System

As your company continues to grow and evolve, efficient business communications are a lifeline – and they are also one of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs.

But thanks to advances in information technology, today you can count on tailored, efficient, and affordable services like 3cx Phone System.

3cx Phone System designed to streamline communications and collaboration among unlimited users, providing employees with a cutting-edge VoIP system, and offering clients a stellar customer experience. Our certified professionals will install your 3cx Phone System and provide ongoing support and maintenance so you can concentrate on your business. We can install 3CX in your private cloud or on your premises.

Looking for a phone system with all the features to support a branded customer chat, video calls, and document sharing?

Learn more about the 3cx Phone System by getting in touch with our team at Emerge Digital.

What is a 3CX phone system?


Developed by international VoIP software developer 3CX, the 3CX phone system is a private branch exchange (PBX).

The software-based system is based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard and offers an all-in-one communication solution for entire businesses. 

Thanks to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) extension, 3CX offers a wide range of capabilities and features.

3cx Phone System is the Best Communication App for Business that includes video conferencing, instant messaging, media and audio sharing, phone calls, voicemail services, and fax transfers.

While extremely powerful and efficient to streamline your entire office communications, 3CX is also created to be incredibly user-friendly, and the proprietary app can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices (including Windows, iOS, and Android devices).

Can You Use 3CX For Free?

It’s understandable – you need to find a phone and communication system for your business that is both efficient and affordable.

Luckily, when introducing 3CX, you can enjoy all the benefits of improved communications without having to worry about making a dent in your budget!

Today, 3CX is free for unlimited users for the first year with the Trial License. This Free STD key is valid for up to a year and allows for up to 8 Simultaneous Calls (SC).

Currently, once the year ends, the trial licence is automatically converted into a free standard licence lasting up to one year.

With the free version, you and your team will be able to enjoy the entire range of services offered by 3CX including VoIP features, instant or live chats, web conferencing, social media (i.e.: Facebook) integrations, and business SMS service.

You’ll be able to manage your licence, options, and features in the proprietary 3CX app – meaning that you can setup a full-scale phone and collaboration system for your business within minutes!

Depending on your business needs, you can also opt for a 3CX StartUp solution, which is available for up to 10 users and free forever.

Is 3CX a Good System?

Choosing the Best Communication App and phone system for Business can be overwhelming – especially if you are not a tech wizard or are new to modern solutions.

So, how can you be sure that the 3cx Phone System is a good system to elevate your company’s communications, streamline productivity, and enhance the customer experience?

The 3CX Experience

The 3CX phone system has been collecting stellar reviews and has been awarded a multitude of prizes including the prestigious WIN MAG Pro Award. In 2021, 3CX was also named the “Best Business Phone System” by GetApp and the “Top Business Phone Service Provider” by Software Advice.

What’s more, the 3CX phone system is the communication software of choice for a wide range of large multinational corporations, like McDonald’s and American Express.

But thanks to the unparalleled scalability and customisation potential of 3CX, it also serves well the needs of small businesses and start-ups.

Is 3CX Better Than FreePBX?

If you are on the verge of choosing a Best Communication App for your business, you’ll have to make an important choice: opting for 3CX or Free PBX.

When working with our experts at Emerging Digital, we can guide you in the choice of finding the best phone system for you – start with the key differences below.

3CX vs FreePBX

FreePBX is one of the most prominent players in the information technology sub-section concerned with the design and implementation of business communication systems.

FreePBX is an open-source IP PBX that offers a wide range of built-in communication features and add-ons powered by Sangoma Technologies.

While also being an open-source IP PBX management tool, 3CX is fully customizable and gives you the chance to build a Unified Communication (UC) platform around the unique needs and features of your company.

So, which one should you opt for? With such an unparalleled customization potential, a wealth of native CRM integration, and a user-friendly interface, 3CX is the clear winner!

How Your Business Can Benefit With the Best Communication App?

With a 3CX phone system, you can work from any location, at any time, without your clients being aware that you have left the office. To boost employee productivity and client services, modern offices must utilize 3CX mobility features.

The goal of 3CX, an all-in-one software-based communications system, is to make communication simple while saving you money on your telecommunications bill.

Don’t trust us? A 3CX phone system differs from a conventional PBX phone system for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. Live call & chat with online visitors
  2. Easy management on-premise or hosted
  3. Take Your Office Extension Anywhere
  4. Reduce phone bills up to 75%
  5. Easy Installation & Management
  6. Top-Notch Performance & Secured

Connect your Team and Customers with Best Communication App

No matter whether you are managing a small team or you are looking to connect several internal departments within your corporation: the 3CX phone system is a must-have for any modern office looking to increase productivity, communication, and collaboration. 

3CX Telephone Communication System

As your company grows, it is likely for your communication expenses to rise and add to the already-high overhead costs of maintaining a cloud system and several communication lines.

With 3CX, you can cut back on unnecessary costs and implement an all-in-one, affordable telephone system.

PBX: Reinvented for a Remote Workforce

Private branch exchange (PBX) systems have long been a lifeline for physical offices and workplaces. But what if you are shifting towards a remote workforce?

3CX is the PBX created with the needs of remote work in mind. 

The system allows your employees to communicate through a secure, private line, while also interacting with customers and stakeholders from a professional phone communication line. 

Chat With Your Customers At Any Time, From Anywhere

Why Choose Emerge Digital?

Whether your employees prefer to work from a remote location or have to tie ends after-hours, the 3CX system allows professional communication with customers, who don’t give away that you are contacting them while away from the office.

So, your customer service can interact with your users on the go!

What’s more, 3CX allows for multiple communication channels, including media and document transfer, live chat, phone calls, and voice mails – the entire toolkit you need to level up your customer service!

And, thanks to the native CRM integrations supported by 3CX, you can now collect and review essential customer data and information!

Using your Deskphone with 3CX

Deskphones - or Voice Over Internet Protocol Devices - have played a critical role in helping companies streamline communications and improve their customer experience. But what is the next step? Integrating your Deskphone with 3CX is a great compromise to upgrade your hardware and access all the features of a cutting-edge software

Contact The 3CX Experts at Emerge Digital

At Emerge Digital, we have seen the great impact that the right phone system can have on a company’s customer experience and internal communication. Unsure about the best system for your needs? Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about 3CX.

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PBX Setup

Professional Fee ( Setup/Install )


Fee - PBX10
Up to 10 users


Fee - PBX25
Up to 25 users


Fee - PBX50
Up to 50 users


Fee - PBX100
Up to 100 users


Annual Support Plan


Standard up to 10 users
5x8, SLA-4 hours


Standard up to 25 users
5x8, SLA-4 hours


Standard up to 50 users
5x8, SLA-4 hours


ASP - STD100
Standard up to 100 users
5x8, SLA-4 hours