CBD powers its vision for the future, with Google Analytics 4

The Challenge

CBD wanted to go from being a pure operator in the Global Courier and Delivery Services industry to a ‘future on-demand’ business. However, its marketing data and technology were not ready to make the leap. For example, while its website was created for traditional Google Ads event tracking, its internal apps were built around Firebase requirements. As such, the team needed a way to develop a common standard event structure—and be ready for new business models like smart same-day solutions, along with improved customer service.

The Approach

CBD implemented the global site tag (gtag.js) which fired on all website pages to deliver the data needed. To get a holistic view of the customer journey, they included events from their website as well as 100% of their app events using their existing Firebase infrastructure. For the first time, they were able to measure their eCommerce activities across web and app. In addition, Google Ads bidding strategies can now be informed by the newly gained insights.

Partnering with Emerge Digital

As a part of Emerge Digital’s partnership with CBD, we developed a strategy to migrate the existing Google Analytics setup into GA4 – ensuring consistent data collection going forward. A robust end solution was achieved through close collaboration with Emerge Digital throughout conception and implementation.

The Results

By using GA4, CBD was able to review their current data collection process and redefine the overall structure. A significant improvement has been made to the dataset, resulting in a more straightforward activation process. GA4 is also CBD’s primary tool for analyzing user interaction with its apps. In the future, it will position the business well for securing customer data, as it offers greater privacy capabilities.

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We’re thrilled to have Emerge Digital support us in leveraging the most cutting-edge tools and technologies for customer interaction optimization, marketing and advertising.” – Jean Paul, IT Manager CBD