Developing digital audience strategies for Policy Bazaar drives incremental leads

With Emerge Digital’s programmatic ingenuity and a partnership with data vendor Eyeota Enrich, Policy Bazaar achieved an exceptional cost-per-lead.

On Policy Bazaar’s comparison site, the lead-to-deal ratio increased incrementally.

Using retargeting, lookalikes and in-market audiences, Emerge Digital developed a digital campaign to generate leads for Policy Bazaar.

  • Overachievement of 337% compared to estimated cost per lead
  • A total of 366 direct deals were attributed to the campaign
  • There is a direct correlation between Eyeota’s data and 44% of all deals

What Emerge Digital did to achieve success with Policy Bazaar

As Policybazaar Group’s first overseas venture, is an online marketplace for financial products, aimed at becoming a one-stop shop for UAE consumers. There are currently over 35 partners on, offering over 50 different products in the lending and insurance categories.

Emerge Digital worked with Eyeota to develop digital strategies to increase leads for Policy Bazaar. The aim was to push high quality traffic to their comaprison site through the use of scalable and accurate targeting. The focus was to target those currently in market for credit, lending and insurance products, with a particular focus on insurancein the UAE.

The campaign goal:

Emerge Digital developed a digital campaign targeting in-market credit, lending and insurance audiences, lookalikes and retargeting to drive sales on the Policy Bazaar website.

The programmatic solution:

  • Lead generation campaign using display advertising at the bottom of the funnel.
  • Using Emerge Digital’s data partnership with Eyeota, target recent insurance or loan searchers and those who have made similar inquiries in the past year.
  • Increase Policy Bazaar’s first-party data assets by driving high quality traffic to the site and re-engaging them with retargeting.

To drive leads on the Policy Bazaar website, Emerge Digital developed a digital campaign targeting credit, lending and insurance audiences in-market, lookalikes and retargeting.

Campaign milestones:

  • The cost-per-lead for Emerge Digital’s programmatic marketing activity via website lead generation was $31, an overachievement by 337%.
  • Our partnership with Eyeota Enrich produced 44% of our leads, which targeted untapped credit, insurance, and lending audiences.

Over 44,100 visitors engaged with Policy Bazaar’s website, who were re-engaged throughout the campaign.

To learn more about Eyeota’s data sets and the potential audience segments we can reach read more here.

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