Double Revenue for eCommerce Vision & Eyecare Brand

01. The Challenge & Solution

For Visionary Optometrist we set specific Goals that we had to maintain a profitability of 500% in order to cover the costs assosciated to product fulfillment from increasing supplier costs and shipping and logistic expenses it was vital to our client that we maintained these strict parameters. Given this challenge the team at Emerge Digital devised a strategy to scale the revenue generated all whilst maintaining a specific Return on Ad Spend. Using Target Return on Ad Spend bidding algorithms, Automated Rules and Scripts we set ourselves the ambitious goal of 2x Revenue Year on Year.

“Our company has been working with Emerge Digital for about 4 years now. He has taken our online business to new heights. The teams knowledge and experience extends fair beyond just ecommerce, and online marketing. Our product visibility has greatly increased, as result our revenue has doubled whilst maintaining higher profitability ”– Abdulmajid Ali Ahmad – Director at Visionary Optometrists

02. Working Process

From the onset of our preliminary audits it was clear that there was room for improvement. Reliant upon Google’s Machine Learning Automated Bidding Algorithms our next step was to configure a shopping feed for Merchant Centre. After setting up our merchant centre feed we also setup product ratings from Google Customer Reviews. The motivation behind this is that products with ratings are more likely to be clicked by qualified customers. Essentially we were looking to establish trust with the consumer onsite in order to improve our conversion rate. 

03. Perfect Result

Implementing our strategy of incorporating an eCommerce Feed from Merchant Centre and setting up accurate conversion measurement we successfully managed to double the revenue for our client comparably period on period. Our clients product exposure consequently increased all whilst maintaining profitability and return on ad spend targets we had set from the onset of defining our strategy and goals.



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