Payment Solutions

Emerge Digital now accepting Pay payments

Emerge Digital has started accepting crypto payments today. This decision has come as an indication of Emerge Digital’s commitment to driving the next stage of Web3 commerce payment innovations by allowing our customers to make payments for our services using cryptocurrencies.

It is now a reality that businesses can choose to pay for Digital Marketing services using cryptocurrency and digital assets.

An Intuitive Payment Gateway for Merchants
Easily send invoices and manage payments using the powerful dashboard.

As we enter the next frontier of payment technologies it was only fit that Emerge Digital is exploring such payment gateways and we are happy to work with our customers on technical integrations with their CMS of choice to allow the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for their own businesses. We will be driving this initiative forward and are happy to accept clients who are interested in adding such payment gateways alongside their existing rails.

If you would like to take on any of our Digital Marketing services and make payment with cryptocurrency please discuss this with your customer success manager and or if you are a business wishing to add Pay to your list of payment gateways to serve your customers, we would like to work with you.

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