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Performance Max campaigns get four new features in Google Ads that should get you excited

With Performance Max, advertisers achieve an average 18% increase in conversions at the same cost per action.

 Due to advancements in the underlying AI technology for bidding, creative, and search query matching, as well as new formats like YouTube Shorts, this five percentage point increase has been achieved in just 14 months. Google is iintroducing new ways for you to optimize and prove the incremental value of Performance Max campaigns: improve search performance, grow ROI with higher-impact video creative, measure conversion uplift, and get deeper reporting.

With these new features from Google, digital marketers can optimize and prove the incremental value of their Performance Max campaigns.

In addition to improved campaign performance on Search Inventory, Google has announced new video creative, conversion tracking, and deeper reporting for advertisers.

1) Brand Exclusions

Campaign-level brand exclusions are one of the new features Google is rolling out, which will enhance campaign control.

It is now possible for advertisers to exclude their brand terms along with a list of other brands that they choose not to advertise with.

The new feature will help prevent traffic from foreign language searches and misspellings of brands.

Aside from ensuring that Performance Max campaigns will not advertise branded queries on Search and Shopping, the exclusions will also prevent ads from appearing for branded queries.

Exclude brand terms from Performance Max campaigns

2) Page Feeds

Page feeds will be added to Performance Max in the coming months so advertisers can further refine their Search results.

With this feature, advertisers can direct traffic to specific landing pages on their websites.

To organize URLs into a specific campaign or asset group, advertisers can use labels to group them by theme.

3) Easier Video Creation

As part of Performance Max campaign setup and editing workflows, Google has integrated video creation tools.

The asset library was the only place where this feature was available previously.

This feature is ideal for advertisers who have always wanted to create a video advertisement but lacked the resources or time.

Access the video creation tool and templates right in the Performance Max campaign workflow

4) New Reporting & Insight

This new reporting and insight tool is designed to assist advertisers in understanding and evaluating their results.

As soon as it becomes available, a variety of metrics will be available to advertisers at the asset group level, such as conversions, conversion value, cost, and many others.

Furthermore, Google is introducing budget-pacing insights that will enable advertisers to automatically uncover opportunities for budget and performance optimization.

Advertisers can see how much their campaigns have spent and are projected to spend, along with their current and forecasted conversion rate.

By utilizing this data, advertisers can understand how their campaigns are progressing and if there are any opportunities to change or redistribute their budget in order to drive more conversions.

The bottom line

Performance Max campaigns now offer advertisers increased control, flexibility, and insights.

Campaign performance and ROI can be improved by excluding brand terms and blocking traffic from misspellings and foreign languages.

Integrated video creation tools and page feeds make it easier for advertisers to refine their results.

With the new reporting and insights features, advertisers can measure conversion uplift, get deeper reporting, and optimize their budgets and campaigns.

For marketers looking to make the most of their Performance Max campaigns, these updates are valuable additions to Google Ads.


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