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Our Process:


This is where we help you clearly define your target industry & break up your specific services offered.

Our team will identify what is required to go to market in your local area. This includes branding and business registration.


Once messaging and the audience are decided, we begin experimenting.

To do this we launch 'micro' campaigns and qualitatively review the results.

The goal is to identify (with data) messaging that resonates with the respective audience/persona.


Once the right cadence and messaging have been identified.

We focus on the 'winning' campaign(s) and amplify them.


We optimize and measure for one metric - prospects that are interested in a conversation (for outbound), or number of purchases/activations (for email marketing).

This is done by frequently reviewing the performance of a campaign to understand why we got these specific results and extrapolate valuable insights.

These learnings are utilized in the launch of the next campaign ...and the process begins again!