GA4 Training

Discover the Power of GA4 With Personalized Analytics 4 Training

Logging into your GA4 account is the only part of the platform you understand, you need Google Analytics 4 training.

You cannot just go out and invest in any old course that is available out there. Instead, you need to make sure that you get training that is tailored to the specific questions, challenges, and goals you are facing, so that you can make the most of this new analytics platform.

As luck would have it, Emerge Digital has your back.

If you would like our team of GA4-certified experts to build the perfect training course for your team – one that helps you unlock the full potential of Google Analytics 4 – then contact us today.

What's Included in our Training for Google Analytics 4

For GA4 needs, why choose Emerge Digital?

As a digital marketing agency, Emerge Digital has been at the forefront of Google Analytics 4.

Educating and preparing our clients for the platform changeover has taken two years, and now that it’s here, our experts are miles ahead of those playing catch-up.

With more than 100+ Google Analytics 4 audits and migrations completed, we’ve seen the most common mistakes and pain points for today’s businesses working in this platform.

Our team of GA4-certified experts will bring that knowledge to your training.

And, because we customize every single training session to fit our client’s needs, you’re guaranteed to get all the answers and education you need to move forward, armed for everything GA4 can offer.

GA4 Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any free Google Analytics 4 training courses?

There is only one "official" free GA4 training course, provided by Google. It leaves much to be desired. Google's certification is great for learning the basics, but it doesn't provide an in-depth, detailed look at GA4 that's necessary to fully exploit the platform.

Consider it the first step on your GA4 education journey before diving deeper with experts like Emerge Digital.

How do I know if I should invest in paid Google Analytics 4 training?

Google Analytics 4 is a completely different beast than Universal Analytics, with completely different metrics to learn and use.

Therefore, you cannot expect your UA data to match exactly that of GA4 - and that's where expert training comes in handy.

Inflow's GA4-certified analysts not only help you understand those metrics, but also put them in context with your larger marketing strategy. In order to answer your personal questions, resolve your biggest business concerns, and develop an optimized plan for using GA4, you need to pay for training.

A free course can't compare to a paid course.

What is the cost of Google Analytics 4 training with Emerge Digital?

GA4 training courses from Inflow are always tailored to your specific business needs - and our pricing reflects that.

Whether you need a basic course for a large group or several in-depth sessions for your most important marketing staff, we can tailor the perfect course to fit your goals, timeline, and budget.

On average, our GA4 education classes start at $1,000 for basic, must-know training. Other online courses can cost just as much - without personalized support or live chat.