Google Tag Manager Audit

Streamline Your Website's Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Is your Google Tag Manager cluttered with unrecognized tags and triggers?

Then it’s time to conduct a GTM audit.

Improve tracking efficiency with a customized Emerge Digital audit today. Our team of experienced analytics professionals can help you optimize your configuration, improve your site speed, and gain back valuable reporting insights.

What's Included in our GTM Audits?

Why Emerge Digital?

With more than 15 years of experience in eCommerce digital marketing, we know the importance of web analytics and reporting.

To meet our clients’ growing needs, we’ve created a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager team that’s constantly updated on the latest industry trends and news. Our goal is to provide our valued clients with only the best solutions, including reporting templates and dashboards for evaluating your brand’s performance.

Since we believe in data-driven omnichannel marketing, you’ll always be the first to hear about opportunities we discover for your business in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (Google Ads), and more.

Google Tag Manager Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GTM audit necessary?

There may be dangerous errors lurking in the shadows of your site container if your marketing team hasn't touched your Google Tag Manager for years.

Your digital marketing strategy would be uninformed and inefficient if these issues were left unaddressed.

A GTM audit ensures that your conversion tracking code is not only operating correctly, but is also accurate to your business needs.

What is the role of Google Analytics 4?

Cons: It's easy to integrate Google Tag Manager into Google Analytics 4.

Prons: Migrating GA4 accounts will be much harder if your GTM isn't configured properly.

Our analytics team will bring the knowledge gained from migrating more than 30 websites to determine your GTM structure. If you haven't yet migrated to Google Analytics 4, we can help you do so.

What is the cost of a GTM audit?

We typically charge $1,999 for Google Tag Manager account audits.

Keeping in mind that each website is unique, we offer personalized proposals, so the complexity of your current site's source code and tag implementation will affect your final price.

Contact our team today for more information and a free, customized quote.