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SEM Agency

For maximum search return on investment, our award-winning team of search engine marketing experts uses the latest best practices and platform capabilities.

The demand for SEM comes from consumers – A SEM Agency in Dubai Can Help You To Get More Customers

With our fully certified search marketing specialists, you can be confident that your campaigns will engage users and reach your targets every time.

In addition to our inherent test-and-learn approach, our teams use advanced machine learning capabilities and SEM product features to drive maximum results for your SEM campaigns. 

Why Search Engine Marketing Is Beneficial?

Enhance your search coverage with market-leading, proprietary keyword research tools

Drive optimal efficiency and reduce budget waste with our integrated search approach

Boost conversion rates with data-driven testing and expert insights

Maintain a consistent presence in search results to build brand awareness

Create an innovative, personalised search experience for relevant audiences

We partner with all major SEM platforms to achieve the best results possible

Capabilities in Search Engine Marketing

Expertise in Searching

- Aligned with best practices
- Goal-oriented optimization
- Automating strategically
- Measures for brand safety
- Certified experts

Effortless Creativity

- Customized search ads
- Testing formats and features
- A customer-centric approach
- Analyzing ads regularly

SEM Reporting Customized

- Solution automation
- Analyses driven by data
- Review of competitors
- Insights that are actionable

Innovative Searches

- Exclusive market access
- Comprehensive testing plans
- Integration of APIs and feeds
- Segmenting audiences


- Access to platforms
- Reporting in real time
- Consistent communication

Our PPC Services

Boost your paid search performance with custom campaigns leveraging the right platforms.

Google Ads

Make your competitors look like amateurs. Bring in the sales. Unqualified leads, high CPCs, and poor performing ads are gone.

Google Shopping

Your sales goals can be crushed in record time with a bulletproof Google Shopping campaign.

Bing Ads

Boost conversion rates with a Bing ads campaign that hunts down leads your competitors have overlooked.


You can crush your competition with remarketing to stay top-of-mind and convert site visitors into customers.

Delivering laser-focused campaigns.

Plan with a hard edge

Make sure you're targeting the right customers, at the right time, on the right platform with a carefully planned and researched PPC campaign. Our use of keywords, messaging, and strategic timing is driven by data. In order to influence your key demographic, we must understand their needs, intentions, behaviours, and emotional triggers.

A proactive management style

Improve your quality score, reduce your cost per click, and raise your revenue by weeding out non-performing keywords. Once an ad is turned on in a PPC campaign, it's often left to its own devices. PPC isn't as effective if you 'set and forget'. In order to achieve results, we continuously monitor, analyze, and adjust your campaign.

Transparency in reporting

Make sure you know what works for you. Ensure that every paid search campaign is performing well in terms of bottom line results. Google Ads and other platforms collect statistics such as impressions, clicks, and post-click activity. These data are compiled into custom reports so that you know exactly what's happening.

PPC Packages


Min $ 1200

or 15% of the monthly spending whichever is high

  • Minimum Duration : 3 Months
  • No. of Keywords : 50
  • Ad Budget : Up to $5000
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Min $ 1400

or 12% of the monthly spending whichever is high

  • Minimum Duration : 3 Months
  • No. of Keywords : 100
  • Ad Budget : Up to $10,000
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Min $ 1600

or 10% of the monthly spending whichever is high

  • Minimum Duration : 3 Months
  • No. of Keywords : Unlimited
  • Ad Budget : Up to $15,000
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Custom Pricing

  • Minimum Duration : 6 Months
  • Management using Search Ads 360
  • No. of Keywords : Unlimited
  • Minimum Monthly Budgets of $15,000 or More
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC Agency

You’ll see a huge spike in sales if you target those in buying mode. In what way? When done correctly, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be very powerful. You can have that power all to yourself. It is true that PPC platforms like Google Ads can immediately increase your website’s traffic.

Optimizing the number of clicks that result in sales is essential when every click costs money. As Emerge Digital is the best PPC Agency in Dubai UAE , we optimize your Ads campaign for profit and performance, so you spend less and earn more. There is a lot more.  Campaigns that target those that are ready to buy are designed to be meaningful and hyper-targeted.

Major Steps

What Are the 4 Stages of Demand Generation?

Using SEM to drive business results

We help you define clear, measurable KPIs for your business. We optimize your website to achieve this goal so that your business performs at its best.

Expertise in Searching

We ensure that your search engine marketing campaigns are designed with your marketing goals in mind, reflecting the most current best practices.

Reports on SEM

By using automated tools, we can create real-time dashboards tailored to your needs and KPIs, enabling our SEM specialists to deliver actionable insights.

Innovating Search Marketing

To ensure we are at the forefront of experimentation, we work closely with our technology partners and have launched both Australian-first and global-first initiatives.

Curious to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC advertising?

A pay-per-click ad, or PPC ad, is an online advertisement in which advertisers pay money every time an ad is clicked.

Search engine results pages, social media feeds, web pages and apps can all display PPC ads. 

PPC advertising is primarily done through paid search ads. When a particular keyword is searched, they appear on the top and bottom of the first page of search engine results.

How do search engines choose which ads appear at the top of the results page? In the end, it comes down to an ad auction. To display ads, advertisers must bid on search terms (keywords).

In order to determine which ads are displayed, Google or another search engine uses your bid along with other criteria, such as the relevance of the ad.

How can PPC help my business?

It depends on the nature of your business. A powerful digital marketing strategy is PPC. SPEED is one of the most significant benefits.

With the right know-how, you can put hyper-targeted ads in front of your audience in just a few hours. It's perfect if your business is just starting and you want to get your brand noticed, or if you have a time-sensitive offer.

PPC advertising produces results quickly. It's like flipping a switch!

PPC marketing can put you on page 1 of Google in less than a day, while SEO and social media are great strategies for long-term growth. There is a price to pay, but if you want to drive qualified traffic to your website instantly, PPC is a great option.

The great thing about PPC is that you only pay when your content is seen.

It means you don't waste money on audiences who aren't interested in your products or services when you have a hyper-targeted strategy.

CTR: what is a good one?

There are different click-through rate benchmarks for different industries, so it's important to know what you should aim for. 

Google Ads paid search ads have an average CTR of around 2% across industries. CTRs above 2% can be considered good.

Is Emerge Digital the best agency for PPC management?

There are a lot of reasons why we're the best PPC management company. You're busy, so here are the three most important things: results, transparency, and experience. Now let's talk about the results.

Our goal is to get the best return on your PPC investment. To help you attract more of the website traffic you want (and less of the traffic you don't), we create hyper-targeted, cost-effective campaigns.

We never stop monitoring and fine-tuning your campaign to get the most out of your budget.

In contrast to many other PPC management agencies, we keep you informed every step of the way. The way we work is transparent: there are no hidden agendas or secret squirrel tactics.

We know our way gets results. We're an open book. What do we know? The experience.

We have years of experience delivering explosive revenue growth for businesses of all sizes and types. For even better results, we apply our learnings to your campaign.


How much will it cost per click?

Depends. There is no easy answer that covers all businesses, and we know that's frustrating. PPC rewards businesses with high-quality ads through an auction system. The better your ad campaign, the lower your cost per click. According to Google Ads, the average cost per click on the search network is $1 - $2.

Google Ads' most expensive keywords cost upwards of $50 per click. These keywords are highly competitive in industries with high customer lifetime values, such as insurance and loans. It's all about balancing your budget with return on investment. 

Budgets don't get out of control. Using PPC advertising gives you a great deal of control over how your budget is spent.

How can I make the most of my advertising budget?

Our digital advertising agency is well-regarded by Dubai businesses, helping them penetrate the markets with their active efforts. Surpass your competition through successful ad campaign management. We're a team of professionals that monitor every aspect of marketing performance to boost ROI. Emerge Digital is an innovative and successful digital marketing agency delivering high quality ads for all campaigns. Get in touch.