Developing digital audience strategies for Policy Bazaar drives incremental leads

With Emerge Digital’s programmatic ingenuity and a partnership with data vendor Eyeota Enrich, Policy Bazaar achieved an exceptional cost-per-lead. On Policy Bazaar’s comparison site, the lead-to-deal ratio increased incrementally. Using retargeting, lookalikes and in-market audiences, Emerge Digital developed a digital campaign to generate leads for Policy Bazaar. What Emerge Digital did to achieve success with […]

CBD powers its vision for the future, with Google Analytics 4

The Challenge CBD wanted to go from being a pure operator in the Global Courier and Delivery Services industry to a ‘future on-demand’ business. However, its marketing data and technology were not ready to make the leap. For example, while its website was created for traditional Google Ads event tracking, its internal apps were built […]

Double Revenue for eCommerce Vision & Eyecare Brand

01. The Challenge & Solution For Visionary Optometrist we set specific Goals that we had to maintain a profitability of 500% in order to cover the costs assosciated to product fulfillment from increasing supplier costs and shipping and logistic expenses it was vital to our client that we maintained these strict parameters. Given this challenge […]