Accelerating Success:
How Our One-Year Partnership with Telecommunications Contractor;
Birch Technologies Catalyzed 170 5-Star Google Reviews and Fostered Community Value for a Local Business

Our client had no online presence or a digital footprint, simply a vision, industry, and service area in mind that he wanted to service that being Antennas, Data Cabling & NBN in Sydney, Australia.

Our client was not tech-savvy, which posed some challenges. They did not have any idea how to get started. Following a competitor analysis, we prepared the content for the website after consulting and providing guidance on their go-to-market strategy. This included topical and evergreen blog content that addressed common problems everyday Australians faced such as, Why the NBN is so bad?, NBN connected, but no internet, and NBN lead-in cable for Granny Flats.

Despite having well-established mature competitors in the market, we made it easy for the client to navigate the market. As a new entrant to the market it is always difficult to gain market share and by creating authoritative factual content addressing problems their potential clients are researching and facing, while suggesting that they would have the solution to their problems if they contacted the business. While our process includes requesting approval from the client on the content to publish, the client was completely hands-off on the strategy to implementation. The client knew that our research determined the reasons for his success and trusted us without getting involved in decision-making. In this way, the client felt that their business growth was handled seamlessly. 

Our goal in this case study was to highlight the positive reviews from the business’ customers. In addition to growing a business from an idea, Birch Tech has also contributed value to the community with our efforts, as customer reviews indicate that even though they would struggle to solve their problems with their ISPs or NBNCo, Birch Tech was able to do so. One year after opening in September 2022, the business has now received 170 – 5 Star Reviews from happy customers.

The client expressed concerns about starting on a small budget, but we assured them we would provide a solution geared toward sustainable long-term growth. Our goal was to maximize the results of their marketing budget by using every dollar effectively.

Here are some of the Organic Positions we secured for our client across keywords that their customer base would be searching for.

“First Position for Keyword “Lead In Cable Technician Sydney”
First Position for Keyword “NBN Technician Near Me”
First Page Position for Keyword “NBN Cabling Contractors”

Some of the work we completed to date is the development of the website, and the creation of the Google MyBusiness to achieve these results our client entrusted us with their SEO and Google Ads Management.

If you are a new business owner looking to remove the complexities of setting up a digital footprint and truly competing in a saturated marketplace where every business is competing for online attention reach out to us today for an obligation-free consultation.



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