GA4 Migration


Google Universal Analytics will stop working on 1st July 2023. This means you need to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and we strongly advise you do this now, to start building up an annual view of data from June 2022.

If you haven’t set up your analytics correctly, you’re in danger of losing both valuable insights and marketing dollars.

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Plan your UA to GA4 Migration
If you are still using Google Universal Analytics it is important to take action now. From 30 June 2022 your business should be working in GA4, in order to have 12 months of data for analysis when UA stops working next year. Having a full year of data provides a complete view on seasonality and having more data improves the machine learning models within GA4.

So you don’t have a year to change, you have months.

We’re a Google Partner
GA4 is new to the vast majority of digital marketers and agencies – but not us. We are a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, one of only 20 companies in Australia that have been certified by Google to implement GA4.

We’ve already migrated dozens of companies from Universal Analytics to GA4.